Custom typefaces help give a strong, unique and flexible voice to any project, brand or institution. This includes customizations and extensions of existing typefaces, as well as bespoke designs, crafted to reflect your message and meet your particular needs.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or questions concerning custom services. And in the meantime, have a look at some projects from the recent years.   ↧


For this green haven located in the center of Vienna, I customized Nostra Stream, allowing it to grow in a more organic and overall softer direction, as well as designing an exclusive geometric sans-serif companion.

Customized typeface (Nostra)

client: Calienna

art direction: Christian Cervantes

photo credit: Julius Hirtzberger


o9 Solutions

This fast-growing company needed a solid and coherent typographic voice to be used across their many projects and platforms: o9 Sans is a timeless and fully-variable response.

Custom typeface

client: o9 Solutions

art direction: o9 Design Lab


Thebe Magugu
Commission Studio asked me to refine and extend an all-caps typeface they had designed for the luxury South African fashion brand Thebe Magugu, adding figures, diacritics, punctuation and symbols.

Typeface extension, finetuning

client: Thebe Magugu

agency: Commission Studio

art direction, graphic design and initial typeface design: Commission Studio


Penko Park

For their latest video game Penko Park, german studio Ghostbutter commissioned a pair of exclusive “spooky-cute” typefaces, Penko Sans and Penko Script.

Custom typeface, consulting

client: Ghostbutter

image credit: Ghostbutter



This grid-based titling typeface does not look for legibility, but rather transforms each word into a maze-like almost abstract composition.

Custom typeface, art direction, wordmark

client: Datsha Underground

agency: Logoburo



The art center Synesthésie aims to gather diverse artistic personalities in order to create new and enriching situations. Based on that idea, Syne is an exploration of atypical associations of weights and styles. Syne is available under open-source license.

Custom typeface, art direction

client: Synesthésie

with: Bonjour Monde


Villa Gillet

The typeface Villa is a two-faceted view on history, with one style based on typographic archetypes and the second inspired by non-standard and forgotten forms. Together they shape the visual identity of French cultural institution Villa Gillet.

Custom typeface, art direction

client: Villa Gillet

with: Bonjour Monde


Atelier Champs Libres

Paris-based carpenter Atelier Champs Libres' identity revolves around a sturdy-yet-odd unicase display typeface.

Custom typeface, wordmark

client: Atelier Champs Libres

with: Bonjour Monde


Candy Groove
Designed for the French music label Candy Groove, CG Limbo and CG Static are duo of typefaces offering a wide range of typographic possibilities with a rough industrial flavor.

Custom typeface, graphic design

client: Candy Groove