Shape acquisition

Notes on Fragen, a text-display hybrid with a strong slab flavour and spirited italics, born in the margins of a language course’s poorly duplicated worksheets.

A kilo of lead and a kilo of feathers

Notes on Nostra, an extra-wide monospaced type family, released and updated monthly on Future Fonts. Playing with a feeling of satisfaction, how a few thin strokes can create the shape of a letter, either cut in a solid mass or traced in the air, Nostra’s two distinctive cuts are only brought together by their extreme proportions.

Atypical gathering

Notes on the design of Syne, an unconventional type family designed with Bonjour Monde for the art center Synesthésie, and released under open-source license.

Freestyle over a regular beat

Notes on the design of Grandmaster, an extra-condensed hip-hop inspired titling typeface, exploring rhythm and legibility.